Today from Drawing Studio

Good work Darah, Kay and Michelle

Still life drawing_May 11 2016

 Charcoal, ink, and white chalk drawings on gesso primed Kraft paper, 65x50cm




Spring Classes 2016


New classes start on May 10. See the Classes/Cours page for information. You are also welcome to contact us by email.



Self Portraits in Charcoal

2016-04-13 12.50.10

Kay Holmes_Self Portrait

2016-04-13 12.04.08

Sandrine Puechaffret in the studio

2016-04-13 12.26.46

Darah Odelson_Self Portrait

2016-04-13 12.03.58

Darah Odelson in the studio


April 13, 2016_Drawing on Ingres/Laid paper with vine charcoal.



Spring Drawing, Painting and Printmaking


Classes begin March 7, 2016

PAINTING STUDIO | Tuesday afternoons from 14h00 to 16h30

An open painting studio for adults. Instruction includes techniques in acrylic and combined media, color and composition, and resources for creative inspiration.

DRAWING STUDIO | Wednesday morning from 10h00 to 12h30

A morning drawing class for all levels. Instruction includes rendering light and shade, cross-hatching, using value to create volume and strong composition, expressive line and texture. Contemporary as well as traditional approaches to subjects including still-life, portrait, figure drawing, and photography  as well as abstract image making.


An introductory workshop to the art of monotype printmaking. Class meets at La Ruche in the 15th arrondissement, from 11h00 to 16h00 (with an hour’s break for lunch at 13h00). Price is 100 euros, all materials supplied.

Registration link here for WICE members | Others please email





Color through Painting

Recent paintings from students in Color through Painting  

January-February course with 6 classes begins on January 12.

(See class descriptions under Classes | Cours)


Jessica Travis_acrylic on paper_Kansas Landscape


Mary Lostak_acrylic on canvas_study from Cezanne


Jill Brewer_acrylic on canvas board_Boats


Katie Tynes at work on a study from Vlaminck

Watercolor studies preceeded these paintings. Some students had experience, others none. Photographs were sources for Jill Brewer’s “Boats” and Jessica Travis’ “Kansas Landscape”. Katie Tynes and Mary Lostak chose to work from paintings by Vlaminck and Cezanne.



Winter Drawing and Painting

Winter drawing and painting classes begin January 12, 2016

Drawing Practice_Tuesday mornings from 10h00 to 12h30.

A drawing class without stress but engaging activities for beginners and more advanced students. Plenty of freedom to explore combined with knowledeable, practical instruction.

Color through Painting_Tuesday afternoons from 14h00 to 16h30.

Color studies from nature and examples of painting both traditional and contemporary. Watercolor and acrylic mediums (acrylic paints provided) on paper and on canvas.

Figure Drawing: One Step at a Time_Thursday mornings from 10h00 to 12h30

A new format for figure drawing that adds studies of anatomical and master drawings, as well as museum visits to sketch from figurative sculpture, to the traditional practice of drawing from a live model.

Classes available pro-rata for 48 euros/class with reductions for enrollment in the full series of 6 classes.

Contact or the WICE website for details.