Monotype Printmaking

Etching press



June 2016_New Student Prints from the weekend monotype workshops:


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Degas: A Strange New Beauty

Degas monotype_01

Exhibition focusing on Degas’ monotypes is on now through Sunday July 24 at the Museum of Modern Art in New York

Video about Degas and the monotype process.

New York Times article about the exhibition.

Saturday Printmaking Workshops_Stages de l’Estampe

The workshop focuses on monotype printmaking, a technique that does not involve carving or etching an image into a plate. The process, which can be simple or elaborate, is like painting with oils on a smooth surface. That surface is then rolled under the pressure of a metal cylinder on an etching press with a sheet of damp rag paper placed on top of it. The image painted on the plate is transfered to paper, creating a one-of-a-kind print. Visit  classes | cours for  information for current dates.

SLIDE SHOW OF PRINTING PROCESS | making a plate and printing

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