A Matisse inspired drawing and painting workshop

« I believe that drawing and painting are the same thing. »

Henri Matisse

During the 1940’s Matisse’s brush and ink drawings served as studies for colorful, decoratively flat oil paintings of figures, still lifes and interiors.

This 5-step workshop was inspired by these works.


1. Studies with ink and brush from Matisse’s drawings



2. Black acrylic wash and brush drawings from still-life on butcher paper…



…followed by black and white still-life drawings with acrylic on 29x21cm paper.



3. Acrylic color studies on paper from Matisse oil paintings



4. Adding color to black and white drawings from day two.



5. Painting an acrylic painting on canvas from still-life.


Paintings by Mavis Negroni, Mel Hildebrand, Gillian Brown and Renée Spencer.