Spring 2018 Classes


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Color Mixing Workshop:

Tuesday March 6, 13, 20 from 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm | 150€

Intrigued by the myriad tones and shades of color and how artists achieve them? This three week course will inform you about color theory (the color wheel) and color practice (mixing artists pigments to create harmonious color compositions). A 15€ supply fee is included with the price of this class.

Drawing in the Louvre

Wednesday March 14 from 7 pm to 9 pm | 35€

Interested in exploring the Louvre with a sketchbook, away from the crowds? This class meets in the evening in some lesser known corners of the museum. Participants will provide their own pencil, pen and sketchbook. The cost of this course does not include the 15€ entry fee. Class number is limited to 6.

Visit Drawing Now: Paris’ Contemporary Drawing Salon

Thursday March 22 from 3 pm to 5 pm on at the Carreau du Temple | 35€

Class will meet at a nearby café (location to be announced 24 hours before class meeting) for an overview of the salon. After viewing the salon together, group members will return to the café for a closing discussion. A tour with an artist for artists and non-artists alike, looking at techniques, subjects, and ideas in contemporary drawing.

The fee for this class does not include the 16€ entrance fee to the salon.

Drawing Studio Class: Exploring Contemporary Drawing

Thursdays March 29, April 5 and April 12 from 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm | 145€

These studio classes will examine contemporary approaches to drawing such as those on display at the Paris Now Contemporary Drawing Salon (an optional group visit is proposed on March 22). Included will be pen and ink abstract drawing and collage combined with pencil renderings of subjects borrowed from nature or popular culture. A 10€ supply fee is included in the price of the class.

Introduction to Watercolor and Gouache

Tuesdays March 27, April 3 and April 10 from 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm | 150€.

Would you like to learn how artists use these two mediums, transparent and opaque watercolor, to make color studies from nature and explore color ideas for paintings? This class will take you through the basics and suggest both traditional and contemporary ways of applying them. A 15€ supply fee is included in the price for this class.

Acrylic Painting

Tuesdays May 15, 22, 29 from 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm | 155€

Curious about this modern and extremely versatile painting technique? Receive inspiration, technical instruction and guidance to complete a small painting on canvas during this three week session. A 20€ supply fee is included in the price of this course.

Mixed Media

Tuesdays June 5, June 12 and June 19 from 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm | 155€

Interested in a contemporary approach to painting? This class provides instruction on how to combine drawing media and collage with acrylic paints on paper, and explores how contemporary artists use multiple small sized works to create a larger whole. A 20€ supply fee is included in the price of this course.

Drawing Studio Class: Getting Started

Thursdays 2 to 4pm, May 17 and 24_80€

Curious to try your hand at drawing? Or, have you thought you’d like to pick up a pencil or pen again but need a gentle push to get started? This class will introduce or review drawing basics like drawing in perspective, proportion, and light and shade. Plus this class prepares you for our evening sketch class at the Orsay Museum or our outdoor fair weather sketching class in June. A 10€ supply fee is included in the price of the class.

Drawing in the Orsay Museum

Thursday 7 to 9 pm, May 31 | 35€

Have you seen artists and students sketching in the Orsay Museum and thought you’d like to join them? This is your opportunity to experience viewing the museum and its collection through an artist’s eye.  Participants provide their own pencil, pen and sketchbook. The price of the class does not include the 12€ museum entry fee. Class number limited to 6.

Paris Sketchbook

Thursdays June 7, 14 and 21 from 3 pm to 5 pm | 108€

Enjoy sightseeing with a group while you create a Paris travel journal in the form of a sketchbook with your own notes, drawings, and collage. Meeting sites include outdoor locations or cafés depending on weather conditions. Locations will be confirmed 24 hours in advance. Students provide their own sketchbook and drawing materials. A suggested materials list will be sent upon registration.

Contact or visit the WICE website  (Women’s Institute of Continuing Education) for details.







Winter drawing and painting classes begin January 12, 2016

A drawing class without stress, only engaging activities for beginners and more advanced students. Plenty of freedom to explore combined with knowledeable, practical instruction.

Color through Painting_Tuesday afternoons_January 12, 19, 26 and February 2, 9, 16_ from 14h00 to 16h30.

Color studies from nature and examples of paintings both traditional and contemporary. Watercolor and acrylic mediums (acrylic paints provided) on paper and on canvas.

Drawing Studio_Thursday mornings_January 14, 21, 28 and February 4, 11, 18_from 10h00 to 12h30

A new format for figure drawing that adds studies of anatomical and master drawings, as well as museum visits to sketch from figurative sculpture, to the traditional practice of drawing from a live model.

Cost: 240 euros for the full series of 6 classes, or 48 euros per class pro-rata.

Saturday Printmaking Workshops

January 23 and February 13

These are introductory workshops monotype printmaking that may be repeated. All levels welcome. Small group, maximum 6. Class meets at La Ruche, an historic artist’s colony in the 15th arrondissement. Hours: 11h00 and 16h00.

Cost: 100 euros with all materials supplied.

Contact or the WICE website for details.



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NEW CLASS POSTINGS | September, October, November 2015

To register or request more information, please consult the WICE website

or submit your request using the contact form at the end of this posting.

Thank you!

Drawing Practice_Jan OLSSON_Fall 2015

DRAWING PRACTICE | Learning to See

Day of the Week: Tuesday

Number of classes: 8

Dates: September 29, October 6, 13, 20 and November 3, 10, 17, 24

Times: 10:00 am to 12:30 pm

Full Course Cost: 290 euros

Pro-rata Rate: 48 euros/class

Members of this unique drawing course meet weekly in Jan Olsson’s private studio overlooking the park André Citroën. It is designed for:

  • Beginners who would like to learn to draw, but find it hard to start.
  • Those with experience who wish to refresh their drawing skills
  • Anyone wishing to enhance their perceptual skills
  • Students who desire the structure and inspiration of weekly sessions
  • Those who would benefit from the guidance of an experienced teacher
  • Those who enjoy practicing in a group

When you draw you learn to see. The world unfolds before your eyes, one page and one mark at a time.  “Practice, practice, practice and everything will come”, these words by a famous yogi also apply to drawing. Participants in this class are guided through drawing exercises adaptable to their own level and interests. Techniques and skills practiced will be:

  • Line drawings in pencil or pen from botanical subjects
  • Rendering light and shadow in charcoal or ink wash
  • Creating depth and volume with shading
  • Composing a composition from a still life or photograph
  • Creating texture with combined media

This class is suitable for all levels. Sketching paper and drawing ink are provided. A supply list and addresses of Paris art supply stores will be provided at the first class meeting.

Color through Painting_Jan OLSSON_Fall 2015


Day of the Week: Tuesday

Number of classes: 8

Dates: September 29, October 6, 13, 20 and November 3, 10, 17, 24

Times: 2 pm to 4:30 pm

Full Course Cost: 300 euros

Pro-rata Rate: 48 euros/class

Learn about color directly by mixing pigments and composing color harmonies with water-based paints (watercolors, gouache and acrylic). No experience in drawing is necessary. Just bring your curiosity and willingness to experiment. Exercises will include:

  • Creating decorative pattern designs
  • Making color studies from reproductions of paintings
  • Observing and painting color from nature
  • Exploring paint and color as a form of self-expression

This course is designed for those who:

  • Enjoy color and want to learn more about how it works
  • Appreciate paintings and want to understand color composition
  • Seek a creative experience
  • Wish to enhance their visual perception

This class is suitable for all levels. Paints and paper are supplied. A list of other materials and the addresses of Paris art supply stores will be offered at the first class meeting.

Figure Drawing Step-by-Step_Jan OLSSON_Fall 2015

FIGURE DRAWING | One Step at a Time

Day of the Week: Thursday

Number of classes: 8

Dates: October 1, 8, 15, 22 and November 5, 12, 19, 26

Times: 10:00 am to 12:30 pm

Full Course Cost: 300 euros

Pro-rata Rate: 48 euros/class                     

The image of the human face or body is a subject of universal appeal. Children take to it naturally, but for adults it can seem a daunting task. With instruction, time and practice, participants in this class will learn step-by-step how to approach this challenging and rewarding subject.

Exercises will include:

  • Studies of master drawings
  • Drawing visits to museums and parks
  • Copies of anatomical illustrations
  • Basic drawing exercises to sharpen perception
  • Sessions with a live model

This course would be a good choice for those who:

  • have longed to be able to draw a portrait or figure
  • want the structure and stimulation of a group experience
  • would like to sharpen their observation skills
  • enjoy figure drawing and wish to practice with guidance from an instructor

This class is open to all levels. The cost of registration covers models’ fees and sketching paper. Museum tickets are not included. A materials list and addresses for Paris art supply stores will be provided at the first class meeting.

Saturday Printmaking Workshop_Jan OLSSON_October 2015


Two classes: Ocober 10 and November 7

11 am to 4 pm

Cost: 100 euros each class (all materials provided)

Course description

Learn the basics of printmaking through a simple and popular technique known as the “monotype”. Making a monotype print involves no toxic materials or laborious technique. As its name suggests a monotype is a one-of-a-kind print. Rather than carving or etching, a monotype is made by painting with ink on a smooth surface.

For prospective students who are unfamiliar with monotype prints, you can view a collection of student’s prints and images on this blog’s Monotype Printmaking page.

No knowledge of drawing or painting is needed to enjoy its immediacy and rich textural effects. One can make a print in just a few minutes with almost no technical skill, and some techniques can be used at home.

  • This course is designed for:
  • Anyone who would enjoy having a new creative experience
  • Working WICE members who would enjoy a relaxing and creative Saturday activity
  • Accompanied children age 10 or over
  • Artists of all kinds who want to learn and practice new techniques
  • Those who enjoy sharing a creative activity with others.

Course requirements

No prior experience is necessary. This class is open to all levels and may be repeated. Students will need to bring a cover-up and picnic lunch.

Please let us know if you have any questions or are interested in enrolling for one of the Fall 2015 classes:



Thank you. We hope you will visit again soon to see our new postings.


Saturday Printmaking Workshop_June 27  |   Stage de l’Estampe_samedi 27 juin

Pulling a print_tirage sortant de la presse

Drawing, Painting and Printmaking Classes_April/May 2015

Cours de dessin, peinture, et de l’estampe_Avril/Mai 2015

Studio with Model_Atelier et Modèle

Drawing/Dessin_Tuesday/Mardi 10h00-12h30_6 cours: 240 euros_Tuesday/mardi 7 & 14 avril, 5, 12, 19 & 26 mai

Watercolor and Acrylic Painting/Atelier d’Aquarelle et d’Acrylique_Wednesday/Mercredi 10h00-12h30_6 cours: 240 euros_Wednesday/mercredi 1 & 8 avril, 6, 13, 20 & 27 mai

Figure Drawing Basics/Dessin de Figure Humaine: Thursday/Jeudi 10h00-12h30_6 cours: 240 euros_Thursday/jeudi 2, avril, 9 avril & 16 avril,  7, 21 & 28 mai 2015

Saturday Print Workshop/Stage de l’Estampe du Samedi_11 avril, 30 mai, 27 juin de 11h00 à 16h00_tout matériel fourni: 120 euros/cours

Saturday Print Workshop_March 14 2015

Stage de l’Estampe_14 mars 2015

Monotype Workshop/Stage Monotype

Monotype Workshop/Stage Monotype

  • 11 am to 4 pm with lunch break/11h00 à 16h00 avec pose déjeuner
  • Price 120 euros_50 euros deposit at registration
  • Prix: 120 euros_50 euros accompte à l’inscription
  • (All materials provided_Tout matériel compris)
  • Paris 15th quarter/15ème arrondissement Paris
  • class also available through WICE



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